Residential Services

Residential Services

At Family First Solar, we are dedicated to helping families in Hawaii save money and become more energy independent. We have developed a program that does just that. We conduct an audit of your home and after determining your power needs, we make recommendations to reduce your power consumption by installing energy saving devices such as timers, power shavers and LED lights.

We then create a solar system with a battery backup to meet your remaining electric needs. During the day, your solar panels will power your house and the balance of the power generated is stored in your batteries. At night when your panels are not producing power, you pull the power from your batteries to power your house. You still have connection to your utility as a backup in case you require additional power. However, you now have power even if your utility experiences a power outage.

To make it easy for you to own the system, we offer zero money down financing. After you deduct your tax credits, your payments can be less than what your are currently paying your utility.


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