Family First Solar-Hawaii Solar Experts

We are locally owned and operating in Hawaii. Our solar experts have over 25 years of combined experience installing solar equipments, repairs and maintenance service.

What you can expect from our company and Services:

  • Savings on utility bills
  • Power even in a blackout
  • Professional installation
  • Tax Credits
  • 100% Satisfied Customers


Our Dedication To The Community

A fundraising campaign to put Solar powered AC units on every portable classroom in the State starting with Oahu. Family First Solar is donating 3 Solar Powered Air Conditioning units to DOE schools, but we need your support! The next 2 schools that raises $16,000 for one Solar A/C unit will have an additional unit donated by Family First Solar. Family First Solar donated its first Solar off-grid A/C unit to Farrington High School. This is a Community Social Fundraiser, so the first 2 schools to raise $16,000 win a Free unit BUT every school WINS by fundraising!

Locally Owned Business

Studies have shown that for every $100 spent in a locally-owned business, roughly $42 remains right here in Hawaii, while for the same $100 spent with a national chain, only $13 remains here. When you choose Family First Solar Solutions, you are helping not only the planet, but also your local economy.

At Family First Solar, we realize that you don’t want just anyone to build a big array on your roof and wire it into your electrical panel. We’ve been eliminating electric bills by installing solar panels in Hawaii - we don’t subcontract any work out. Solar panel technology is tried and tested, durable and affordable. Our mission is to make solar, along with battery backup, the standard energy source throughout Hawaii to give our residents savings and energy independence.

Family First Solar has managed tens of millions of watts from solar power installations State wide. We are your local company in providing savings for a lifetime! If you have any questions, simply call us right now at 808-724-4072.

No customer is “cookie-cutter” to Family First Solar, that’s why we’re growing with thousands of installations, and thousands of happy customers throughout Hawaii.