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We are locally owned and operating in Hawaii. Our solar experts have over 25 years of combined experience installing solar equipment, repair and maintenance service.

Save Money and be Energy Self Sufficient!

Family First Solar now allows you to own a solar system with battery back up and install the system without the permission of your utility! Your solar runs your house during the day and excess power is stored in the batterties. At night you pull the power from your batteries. You still have the utilty as a backup if you need additional power. With our 20 year no money down financing you can own the system and pay less than you are currently paying your utility. Plus you have peace of mind knowing you will have power when the the power goes out with the utility.

Why Choose our Battery Back Up Solar System ?

Energy costs are rising! Invest in the future of Hawaii

  • Create a better, cleaner, greener Hawaii for our Ohana
  • Increase the value of your home in Hawaii with renewable energy
  • 90% of the electricity in Hawaii is generated by fossil fuels
  • Oil prices are set to rise again, and with it utility prices
  • Hawaii pays more than any other U.S. state for electricity
  • When there is a storm, know that you will still have power

We design a plan that will balance your electrical production and your electrical consumption. Peace of mind with power even in a blackout!

Hawaii Best Solar Services

Put your family first so you can start saving now for a greener and brighter future!

Residential Services

We are dedicated to helping families in Hawaii save money and become energy self sufficient.

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Commercial Services

We offer businesses the opportunity to save money through a variety of energy saving programs.

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